Horwinski Printing Co. is working on retaining its historic past and using current technologies to insure that the old world craft of hand-set type remains viable for old and new clients. The company has changed little since its start in 1906. The equipment and accessories are original, and although thought by many to be obsolete, have extremely long lives. Old time printing and today`s technologies combine to create a unique product. 

The company continues to honor the past craftsmen of letter press printing by using only antique wood type and authentic foundry metal type in its poster and small job work. Three generations of master printers from 1906 to the present, the paying customer, word of mouth advertising, and a constant amount of good hard work are the main reasons for this company's long business existence.

New jobs will continue to be designed and printed, along with select re-issues of posters from Horwinski's best of the past.

Horwinski Printing Co. is currently run by James Lang, a third-generation printer.


We sell prints from our large collection of vintage and recent letterpress posters. 


We print posters for events and businesses, as well as custom invitations, announcements, and more. Click 'What We Do' at left for more options.


Learn the craft of letterpress printing, or take a tour of the Horwinski warehouse in Oakland.